The Gulf Is Set To Compete In Africa (Forbes Middle East)

As Africa’s oldest trading partner, the Gulf has culture and capital on its side—and it is leveraging both to expand investment. Although Middle East investments have traditionally concentrated on North Africa, today’s investors are moving further south, with countries like the U.A.E. leading the charge. 

In the latest edition of Forbes Middle East, Isaac Kwaku Fokuo and I explain why the Gulf is set to compete in Africa. 

An Interview with Eva Sonaike, the Nigerian Interior Designer On a Mission to Bring More Color To the World (OkayAfrica)

Eva Sonaike is on a mission to bring more color to the world.

What started as a home décor project intended to infuse some of Nigerian style into her London home has morphed into a growing design empire. The striking, vibrant designs of her eponymous luxury line can be found in the premier global department stores from Liberty to Fenwick of Bond Street—and she’s only just getting started.

I caught up with Sonaike as she explored the Greek Isles to learn more about her journey from fashion journalist to interior designer. You can find the full interview here. 

An Interview with Nana Oforiatta-Ayim, The Ghanaian Creative Preserving Africa’s Artistic Past (OkayAfrica)

Ghanaian art historian, writer, and filmmaker Nana Oforiatta-Ayim is one of the foremost architects of the contemporary African arts scene. As the creative director of Accra’s Gallery 1957 and director of the cultural research initiative, ANO, Oforiatta-Ayim is building a flourishing arts ecosystem. I spoke to Oforiatta-Ayim about her efforts to preserve Africa’s artistic past and shape its future. You can view the interview here. 


An Interview with Zoe Adjonyoh, the Ghanaian Restaurant Owner Sparking an African Food Revolution In London (OkayAfrica)

A self-trained home cook, restaurant owner and, most recently, acclaimed cookbook author, Zoe Adjonyoh has been an early pioneer in the African food revolution. In 2010, Adjonyoh launched a supper club that later evolved into a food stall. In 2015, she took a leap and launched her eponymous Brixton restaurant, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, which we featured on our Best African Restaurants in London list.


Over the last seven years, Adjonyoh has introduced thousands of Londoners to traditional Ghanaian meals remixed for the modern kitchen. Whether British or Burkinabe, people from all walks of life find themselves elbow-to-elbow over a delicious plate of slow-cooked red-red and cassava. OkayAfrica spoke to Adjonyoh in the midst of her book tour about the ingredients behind her success.

Check out my interview with Zoe on OkayAfrica's website.