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The News-Decoder team chatted with me about how I got interested in international affairs. News-Decoder fosters global understanding by building a borderless community of young people keen to extend their horizons, learn about international affairs and challenge assumptions.

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What international issue is of greatest interest to you today? Why?

I am most interested in sustainability, an issue that is multi-faceted in nature.

Sustainability focuses on crafting a present that leads to a stronger future.

In public policy, I think a lot of the most pressing issues we face today — from the refugee crisis to climate change to the recent Ebola epidemic — are the result of short-sighted policy decisions instead of long-term, sustainable strategic planning.

At the moment, I’m most interested in how sustainability plays a role in the business world and in crafting mutually beneficial relationships between communities and corporations.

I currently work in the shea industry, where sustainability is one of the big buzzwords of the moment.

When women shea collectors, for example, have a more sustainable source of income, companies not only achieve a number of global development indicators on economic empowerment, gender equality and food security, but they also improve their supply chains and incentivize the production of high quality products that attract consumers.

I strongly believe that the private sector has an enormous role to play in crafting a more sustainable future, especially when it comes to poverty alleviation.


Akinyi OchiengComment